There are times such as parent-teacher meetings where you want to print or display the feedback you have given to a leaner over time. The learner report in the Gradebook will enable you to do this. 

1. Navigate to the class group and click on the Gradebook tile.

2.  Click on the Reports button.

3. The Reports panel will appear where you can go ahead and click on the Learners report.

4. This will display the Learners Report. You can then select which Learner you want to view from the Learner drop-down menu. Once you have selected the learner, click on the Feedback icon to change the view.

5.  You will then be able to see the Feedback Report for a specific learner. This will show the Date, Assessment, Level, Grade and the Feedback including any class feedback. 

Note: you can adjust how the report is displayed by clicking the cog icon. You can also print the report for the selected learner or for the entire class

See it in action

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