In this article I will show you how you can save your Gradebook when you have not completed all the grading information and how to go back in and edit your Gradebook entry. 

This is useful when you don't have enough time to input all the grading information and instead of starting over, you can go back in and edit your Gradebook entry any time. 

Note: if you want to edit or delete a Gradebook entry, check out this article.

To save a Gradebook:

1. Navigate to the class group where you want to add a Gradebook entry and click on the Gradebook tile. 

2. This will then bring up your Gradebook for the class group. Then go ahead and click the Add Grade button.

3.  Another window will appear where you can select which type of grade book entry you want to create, an assessment Task/Activity or to track Schoolwork. In this example, I have selected Task/Activity. 

4. This will bring you to the window where you can Add your assessment information for each learner, scroll down this page and select the Save for Later button at the bottom of the page. This will save your gradebook entry, save all the information you have entered and allow to to complete it later.

To edit a Gradebook:

1. Go back to the class group where you saved the gradebook entry and click on the Gradebook tile. Next to the Add Grade button is a Saved button. This will indicate how many saved gradebook entries you have for this class group. Click on the Saved button to bring up the list.

2. A panel will then pop up where you can see your Saved and Incomplete gradebook entries. Click the Edit button next to the gradebook entry that you want to continue editing.

3. This will then bring you back to the Add Gradebook screen where you can continue editing your gradebook entry. Here you can edit all the the Task/Activity details.

4. Then, once you are finished editing you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and select to either Save For Later again or complete it by clicking the Grade Learners button.

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