In this article, I will show you how you can use the Class Feedback with adding a gradebook entry. This can be used as an alternative or along with individual learner feedback.

1. Navigate to the class group and click the Gradebook tile.

2. Click on the Add Grade button.

3. Another window will appear where you can select which type of grade book entry you want to create; Task/Activity or Schoolwork. For this example, I have selected Task/Activity. 

4. This will show the Add Grade screen. Here you will see the Class Feedback box. Simply provide any feedback that all learners in the class group should receive. This will be sent to them in the notification message and also appear in their Gradebook.

Note: this field is optional and can be left blank if you wish. If you also decide to give individual feedback to each learner, they will receive the class feedback along with the individual feedback in both their message and in their Gradebook.

5. When you are finished entering your Class Feedback, scroll down to complete any additional information and the select select Grade Learners. 

See it in action

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