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How to set Assignments for more than one group
How to set Assignments for more than one group

This article will help you to create an assignment for numerous class groups.

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In this article, I will show you how you can set assignments for multiple class groups, which will save you time when you need to set the same assignment for one or more of your class groups. 

Note: if you want to copy an Assignment, check out this article. 

  1. Simply navigate to one of the class groups that you are going to set the assignment for and click on the Assignments tile.

2. This will then bring you to the assignments screen where you can then click Set Assignment. 

3. The Assignment panel will then pop up where you can create your assignment as normal. At the bottom right of the panel you will see an option to Copy to additional class groups. Click the + Add.. button to choose the additional class groups.

4. A popup will appear showing you a list of your class groups. You can select as many class groups as you want to receive this Assignment by clicking on them. Once you are done click the Select button. 

5. This will then bring you back to the Assignment screen where you can review your assignment details where you should see the additional class groups that you have just added. Click the Set button as you would usually.

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