If you want to copy an Assignment that you have already used with a class group:

Note: if you want to set a new Assignment, check out this article.

  1. Navigate to your class group by clicking on the 'my groups' icon as shown. 

2. A new window will appear with your class groups listed, click on the class group of your choosing.

3. Your class group will appear, where you can then go ahead and click on the Assignments tile as shown below.

4.  Your 'assignments' for this class group will appear where you can then select edit on the assignment of your choosing. 

5.  That individual assignment will then pop up. To copy this Assignment, you simply click on copy that is located to the bottom left. 

6.. This Assignment is then copied and you can then go ahead and make any changes to it and select a new due date. Then, once you have all of the relevant information in, select the set button.

See it in action 

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