If you are planning for a subject and the year or cycle has no fixed specification such as the new Junior Cycle subjects, you will want to add your own. This could also be true for a short course that your school is developing or a transition year subject. Lets take a look how you would do this.

  1. Navigate to your subject department, click on the Subject Planner tile then click on Learning Units.

2. Click on an existing unit of learning, or click New Unit to start building a new unit. Then click on the Add an Outcome link to display the Learning Outcomes panel.

3. The click on the Add new Outcome link to begin the process of adding a new outcome.

4. You can then type your new Learning Outcome into the box. Before you can Save your outcome and use it in your unit, you must first associate it with a Strand and Strand Element. If you do not have any existing Strands then click the Add new strand link.

5. Type in the name of your Strand and then click the blue plus button to save.

6. You will then need to select a Strand Element, if you have no existing elements click on the Add new strand element link.

7. Type in the name of your Strand Element and then click the blue plus button to save.

8. Once your Strand and Strand Element have been added or selected from the drop-down, you can click the Save button to add your new Learning Outcome. This will also add it to your Unit of Learning.

What if I want to add all my Learning Outcomes before creating a Unit

If you would like to add all of your Strands, Strand Elements and Learning Outcomes at once, you can use the tiles on the planner home screen

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