If you just want to track if students are turning-in their work as an alternative to Assignments, then you can can use the Gradebook for this too. This can be useful if you have already collected physical work such as a handwritten essay, poster, sketch or even a model, but now want to record who turned-in their work.

Note: if you want to add a Task/Activity to the Gradebook, check out this article.

1. Navigate to the class group where you want to track the Schoolwork. Click on the Gradebook tile.

2. Click on the Add Grade button on the top right of the Dashboard

3. Then from the options choose Schoolwork to display the Add Grade page

4. You will be displayed a list of your students for the class group along with details of the Schoolwork. All student will be marked as having Turned In their work, you only need to mark students who have not turned-in their work. You also have the option of recording if the work was Late, provide a reason along with additional Comments.
Once you have completed all the options and information click on the Grade button.

5. This information will now appear in the Assessments report along with the Student report.

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