When you need to track an assessment that is currently taking place such as a class presentation or science experiment, or if the assessment has already happened such as a class test, project or online quiz. Either way you want to track the Task or Activity that you set your class group by issuing each learner with some grading information, this article will take you through the steps how.

Note: if you want to edit a Gradebook entry, check out this article.

1. Navigate to the class group where you would like to add the assessment and then click on the Gradebook tile. 

2. Click the Add Gradebook button on the top right of the Dashboard page and then click on the Task/Activity button.

3. The Add Grade page will allow you to put in the name of the Task/Activity, choose a date it took place (this can be in the past) and then you can decide which one, or all of the grading options you want to provide. Just uncheck each option you do not want to use for example, if you only wanted to give formative feedback to your learners you can uncheck Grades and Judgement.

If a learner was not present for the assessment or you simply do not want to include them in the Task/Activity, just click the toggle off next to their name.

Note: If you click the toggle off to include a learner, this will not affect their not turned in data. This means it will not display as not turned in on any of the reports or learner support dashboards.

If a learner did not turn-in their work can leave the toggle next to their name on and give them a 0 or NG grade.

Note: If you give the learner a 0 or NG grade, we will assume that the learner was present but did not turn in any work. This will affect their not turned in data. This means that it will be included in the not turned calculations on any report or learner support dashboards.

Note: you can always edit the Gradebook entry and later fill in the information for any learner who you did not include grading information. If you provide a 0 or NG grade for a learner this will not affect the class group and learner analysis. 

4. Once you have selected the grading options you now can fill these in for each learner. If you are providing feedback just click the Add button and then complete the Feedback box. This will then appear as Submitted but will not be sent to the learner until you click the Grade button at the end.

5. Once you have completed all the information for the assessment you can either Save for Later or Grade the assessment. If you are in the middle of entering the Task/Activity but do not have time to complete it, just click the Save for Later button. This entry will then be available to complete later by clicking the Saved button on the Dashboard.
If you click the Grade button then this will issue the results to your learners, update the Dashboard along with all of the Reports. Your learners will also be notified of their results.

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