The Gradebook in SchoolWise has two main purposes when it comes to assessment.

  1. Tracking: Record assessments and track schoolwork

  2. Reporting: Learner attainment and progress along with the reporting of outcomes, projects and other assessment information

Note: the reporting will include not only the grading information for any assessments you enter through the Gradebook, but also through the Assignments too. This gives you one central place to track and analyse your learners.

First let's take a look and the options available to you when using the Gradebook in SchoolWise. You have two ways of tracking assessments for your learners depending on what you are trying to achieve.

This is used when you want to track an assessment that is either currently taking place such as a class presentation or science experiment, or if the assessment task/activity has already happened such as a handwritten test, project or online quiz. Either way you want to track the Task or Activity that you set your class group by issuing each learner some grading information.

Tracking Schoolwork is simply a way of recording if learners are turning-in their work that you have set for the class group. It is similar to how you would set Schoolwork in Assignments but the work has already been done. You simply want to record who completed the work and who did not.

So the primary difference between between the two options are;

  1. A Task/Activity is something which you will issue grading information to each learner for an assessment.

  2. Schoolwork is when you simply want to track if work is turned-in for each student.

Lets take a look at how this works

First navigate to your class group where you want to set work and click on the Gradebook tile.

This will then display the Gradebook Dashboard for your class group. If this is the first time you have visited the Gradebook or you have not added any entries yet, you will see a blank dashboard.
You will see an Add Grade button, simply click on the button and select either Task/Activity or Schoolwork.

You will then see the list of your students for the class group and the grading or tracking options.




The dashboard page is what you will see when you click the Gradebook tile. This is in real-time and takes all the assessments from the Assignments and any you entered through the Gradebook, analyses the grade and judgement data providing you with the big picture of your class group.
You can click on each learner to display a snapshot of their assessments and how they compare with the rest of the class.


When you issue grading information for a Task/Activity in the Gradebook, each learner will receive a message into their Message Center in SchoolWise notifying them of their results.
You can change this setting for all student by unchecking the Send option, or if you want to disable it just for specific learner then click the toggle to off.

Note: The learner will also receive these messages in their end of day email.

Learner Gradebook

Learners also have their very own Gradebook where they can see all their grades and feedback for each assessment entered through Assignments or the Gradebook.
This can be accessed by clicking their profile picture and clicking on Gradebook. They can choose their class group from the drop-down and then click View for each assessment.

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