We have all been there, where the internet goes down, your device just does not want to do what you ask it, or something out of your control stops you using the technology.

This is no different for your learners when they try to turn-in their work for an Assignment. A problem with their internet connection, device or with software they are using prevents them from turning-in their work. If the learner either prints out their work or simply does it on paper and physically turn-in in their work, what happens then? Luckily Assignments in SchoolWise can handle this!

Note: You can always allow late turn-in or simply extend the due date to accommodate leaners who did not turn-in in time, check out this article.

Let's take a look at how you would handle this scenario.

1. On the Grade panel for your Assignment, you have a toggle switch next to each learner. If you click on the toggle it will mark that learner as having turned-in their work.

2. The learner will then appear in the Not Graded list and you will see a notification indicating that their Work was not turned-in electronically. You then now issue grading information the same way as learners who have turned-in their work through SchoolWise.

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