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How to grade an Assignment
How to grade an Assignment

This article will take you through the process of grading your assignments and the options available to you

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If you have set an Assignment with your class group and now want to grade your students, let's take a look at how you can do this.

Note: if you would first like to know how to set an Assignment, check out this article.

1. Firstly head over to your class group where you have set the Assignment and click on the Assignments tile.

2. In the list of Assignments that you have set the class group locate the Assignment. You will notice a Turned-in section which will display how many students have turned-in their work. Click on this to display the Grade panel.

3. The Grade panel will show you a list of students who have turned-in their assignment and those who have not. Those students who have turned-in their Assignment will have the Not Graded next to them.

4. At the top of the Grade panel you have a number of options to use when issuing grades. These are a Grade, Judgment and Feedback. You can decide to use one or all of these options, the only requirement is you must use one of the options. Select your grading options and then click on a learner to begin grading.

Note: Once you have graded the first student you cannot change these options, you must select these before you begin grading. You can grade students as they turn-in their Assignment, you do not need to wait until everyone has turned-in or for the due date to pass.

5. When you click on a student this will display their Work turned-in along with the options you selected for issuing grading. You can click on the students work to download or view the file depending on what it is they have turned-in.
Once you have reviewed the Work turned-in and completed the grading information, click the Grade button.

Note: Students can turn-in files, links to online work such as Prezi, Animoto, Padlet, or from their OneDrive or Google Drive.

6. Once you have clicked the Grade button you will see a notification and the student will now appear in the list as Graded.

7. The student will now receive a notification of their grade information for the Assignment and will also be able to view it both in their completed assignments and in their gradebook.

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