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How to set an Assignment with a class group
How to set an Assignment with a class group

If you want to set an assignment for your students, grade their work and even have them turn-in their work this article shows how

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If you want to set your class group an Assignment with the intention of providing grades or formative feedback and you also want your students to turn-in work, then this article will walk you through the process.

Let's first explore some of the uses for Assignments

  • Grading work - if at the end of a lesson, unit of learning or even just as a homework assignment you want to grade your students work. This would be included the in reports and analysis of the Gradebook for academic tracking.

  • Formative feedback - when you want to give constructive feedback to your students around the work they have turned-in, Assignments will let you do this and also keep a record for both you and the students to reflect on.

  • Collecting and tracking work - the expectation with Assignments is that students will turn-in their work. If a student turns-in their work through SchoolWise it will be tracked automatically. If they turn-in their work physically to you, then this can also be tracked.

Note: You can have some students turning-in work through SchoolWise and others turning-in work physically in the same Assignment for example if the student had a technical problem trying to turn-in their work and instead did it on paper.

Note: if you want to set Assignments for more than one group, check out this article

How to set an Assignment

1. Navigate to the class group where you would like to set Schoolwork and then click on the Assignments tile. There you will see a button called Set Assignment. Click on this button to display the Assignment panel.

2. Enter any relevant details for your students to complete the assignment such as a Title and a Due Date when you want it completed. Once the Due Date passes the Assignment will automatically be marked as Completed and the Assignments tile will decrease its number.
Instructions are optional but is a great way of letting your students know the specific elements of the task that they must complete.

3. If you want to include some reference materials such as an image, document, website or video then you can do this by clicking on the Attach Reference Material link. This will let you select a file from the learning resources library, your device, cloud storage such as OneDrive or Google Drive or it can be a link on the internet such as a video, website or other application such as a quiz from forms and quizlet.

4. You can optionally set the Late turn-in allowed to enable students to still turn-in their assignment once the Due Date passes. This gives extra time to your students but it will be tracked as late. 

5. Grade students is automatically enabled by default. The assumption is that you will issue students one or more of the following;

  • Grade

  • Judgement

  • Feedback

Note: You can choose later once students have turned-in their assignment, which of the options you want to issue.

If you toggle the switch and decide not to grade students, then the assignment simply becomes a mechanism to set work and collect it through SchoolWise. 

6. Once you have entered the details and configured your options, just click the Set button. The Assignment will be entered into the calendar, each student notified and the Assignments tile will increment to show the new task is set. You can see how this works in the article How to use Assignments in SchoolWise

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