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How to use Assignments in SchoolWise
How to use Assignments in SchoolWise

If you want to set homework, have learners turn-in work or even track schoolwork this article will explain how

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First, let's take a look and the options available to you when using Assignments in SchoolWise. You have two ways of setting work for your learners depending on what you are trying to achieve.


Let's say you want to set some homework or classwork - some task that you want your learners to complete. You just want to give them instructions on what to do, tell them when it is due, maybe attach some reference material such as a document or video to help them complete the task and that's it.

Your learners then complete the task - to revise a topic, maybe write something out in their copies or even to sketch something out on paper. Maybe you handed out some worksheets in class that you wanted them to complete and then turn-in at the next class or a link to an online quiz.

Schoolwork can be used for this purpose. You want to issue instructions on a task, optionally attach some reference material and you can even track if your learners physically turned-in their schoolwork.

There is no option for your learners to turn-in online or for you to grade your learners with schoolwork (only to keep track of the completed the work). If you need to do this then let's take a look at an assignment.

Note: if you want to see how to set Schoolwork, check out this article


If you want to set your learners a task but also handle the entire workflow of your learners turning-in their work and grading it, you would set an assignment.

You can even attach a document such as a template and give learners their own copy to edit and turn back in. When grading an assignment you can provide not only a grade but some feedback too.

So the primary differences between setting schoolwork and an assignment are;

  1. You cannot grade schoolwork and learners cannot turn-in their work online using SchoolWise. Schoolwork is a simple task that you want your learners to complete. 

  2. You can grade an assignment and you expect learners to turn-in their work through SchoolWise (they can also physically turn-in their work too if needed).

Note: if you want to learn how to set an Assignment, check out this article.

Let's take a look at how this works

First, navigate to your class group where you want to set work and click on the Assignments tile.

This will then display the Assignments page for your class group. You will see the two buttons to Set Schoolwork and Set Assignment. Simply click on the button for the type of work you want to set your learners.

Assignments will be in one colour and schoolwork in another to clearly distinguish the difference between the two.

When you set your class group either Schoolwork or an Assignment a couple of things will happen to ensure they are kept up to date.

Active Assignments

When you learners click on their Assignments they will a list of Active Assignments. It will tell them what is Due next, what is Coming up for the week and anything else that is More than a week out. This helps keep them organised of what is a priority and that they should be working on next along with other tasks they should start thinking about soon.

Assignments Tile

If you learners are in the class group, they can see the assignments tile too. It will even tell them how many active assignments there are. The benefit of this view is that they can also see past assignments and schoolwork. So if they need to revise, reflect on their work and even view the work they turned-in, it can all be done from here.


Learners will automatically receive a notification into their Message Centre in SchoolWise notifying them both when the Schoolwork or Assignment is initially set and if you update it later (changing the name, instructions or due date). They also receive a notification when you Grade an assignment.

Note: The learners will also receive these notifications in their end of day email.

See it in action

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