First let's take a look and the options available to you when using Assignments in SchoolWise. You have two ways of setting work for your students depending on what you are trying to achieve.


This is used when you want to set either homework or classwork, some task that you want your students to complete. This option will put the schoolwork into the calendar, add it to the assignments section and it will also notify them both in SchoolWise and in their end of day email.
Students will just complete the task or maybe if included in your instructions, they will turn something in such as a poster, piece of art, drawing, handwritten work or even a presentation. This will be a physical piece of work.

Note: if you want to set Schoolwork, check out this article


You will use assignments when you want to set your students work but you want to grade them. Assignments also allows your students to turn-in their work online through SchoolWise, although their is an option to track if some students turn-in their work physically to you too. 

So the primary difference between between the two options are;

  1. You cannot grade Schoolwork and students cannot turn-in their work online using SchoolWise. Schoolwork is a simple task that you want your class group to complete. 
  2. You can grade assignments by issuing each student a grade, judgement or formative feedback (you can choose to issue one or all of these). You expect students to turn-in their assignment which can be done automatically online through SchoolWise or by turning-in a physical piece of work.

Note: if you want to set an Assignment, check out this article.. 

Lets take a look at how this works

First navigate to your class group where you want to set work and click on the Assignments tile.

This will then display the Assignments page for your class group. You will see the two options for Schoolwork and Assignments. Simply click on the button for the type of work you want to set your students.

When you set your class group either Schoolwork or an Assignment a couple of things will happen to ensure they are kept up to date.

School Calendar

The work that you set your class group will automatically be added to the calendar. This means when you students login to SchoolWise it will appear in the School Calendar

Assignments Tile

The students will also see the Assignments Tile on both School Central and in their class group displaying the number of active assignments that they need to complete. If they click on the tile it will display a list of all their assignments and if any action is needed. Once they complete the assignment it will be marked as Completed and the number on the tile will also decrease.


Students will automatically receive a notification into their Message Center in SchoolWise notifying them both when the Schoolwork or Assignment is initially set and if you update it later (changing the name, instructions or due date).
The also receive a notification after turning-in their work and when you Grade an assignment.

Note: The students will also receive these notifications in their end of day email.

List of Assignments 

The list of Assignments is grouped by the month. There is also an indicator to say if it is Schoolwork or if it is an Assigment.

See it in action

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