When you create a OneNote class notebook from SchoolWise, we will automatically add all of the students currently in your class group to the new notebook. However, if you receive an alert to say that a student does not match, this is because their email address in SchoolWise does not match their email address in Office 365.

Note: The class notebook cannot be created until this is resolved

To resolve the issue you need to correct the email address for the student. The first step is to check their account in SchoolWise. 

Note: If you are not a SchoolWise administrator you will need to contact a person who is an administrator to follow the steps below.

1. Click on StaffCentral and then click on User Management

2. You can then search for the student that is not matching and click the Edit icon to view their details

3. In the Email field make sure that the students email address is correct and matches the email address for the student in Office 365. You can also check the students Token at this point too. This is the email address they use to login and usually is the same as their email address. You may need to update this to if you have changed the email address

4. Once you have updated the details for the student click the Update button to save your changes

5. You should now be able to create the OneNote class notebook

Note: Due to the way in which Office 365 creates OneNote class notebooks, the matching alert will only display one at a time. So if you receive the alert for a student and resolve that issue, you may receive another alert if a second student also does not match. 

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