Sharing a video or website is something that we do a lot and as you would expect, you can easily do this with learners in your class groups.

Note: if you want to see how to share a link to a video or website, check out this article.

1. Click into the Share something or ask a question... box and start typing the message you want to post to your learners to accompany the file.

2. Click on the paperclip icon to display the file picker options

3. You can now choose the file from the location of where it is stored. If the file is on your device click the PC/Device button. If it is in the Learning Resources library then click the button or if it is stored in your cloud storage such as OneDrive or Google Drive you can click on these buttons too.

4. In this example I clicked on Learning Resources. Simply browse to the location of the file and then click on the file you want to attach. Then, go ahead and click the Attach button

5. Once you are done go ahead and click the Share button to create the post.

Learners can now click on the file to open or download it.

See it in action

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