In order for everyone to log in to SchoolWise with their Office 365 email address and gain access to things like OneDrive and Teams, you first must authorise the SchoolWise app.

This will authorise the app for everyone in a single step and you are consenting that the app can access their profile information, files in OneDrive and other Microsoft 365 services. This removes the need for each user to do this separately and also means that you can revoke access in a single step too.

Note: this must be done using a Global Administrator account for your Office 365 tenant or it will not work

Authorise the SchoolWise App

  1. Go to the URL for your SchoolWise installation which is usually https://schoolname.myschoolwise.comĀ 

  2. Just under the STAFF AND STUDENTS LOGIN button you will see an Authorise App link

  3. Click on the link to take you to the Microsoft login page

4. Login with your Microsoft 365 global administrator account (choose work or school account if prompted)
5. You will then see the consent window displaying a list of all the scopes you are allowing the application to access for each user
6. Click on the Accept button to consent and you will then be returned to the login window.

You have now consented to the SchoolWise application for your tenant. You can now get your users to log in.

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