There are a couple of ways to login to SchoolWise depending on what systems you may already have in place within your school. Since SchoolWise plugs into your existing systems you can use the same login information. This way you only have to remember one username and password. Lets look at a the ways you can login.

If your school uses Office 365 for Education then you can login to SchoolWise using your email address and password. When you visit the login page just click the "LOG IN WITH OFFICE 365" button. 

When you click the button you will be redirected to Office 365 to login. Click on your account in the list or if prompted just enter your email address.

If you are asked to choose between a Work or school account and a Personal account, make sure to click on Work or school account.

Once you enter your password and click login you should be redirected back to SchoolWise and logged in. If this is the first time you have logged and you are redirected back to the SchoolWise login screen, just click the LOGIN WITH OFFICE 365 button again.

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