The SchoolCentral calendar automatically displays any upcoming events in the the next two weeks. It will show you your events but you do have the option of viewing everything scheduled for the school by using the toggle switch.

If you want to post an event to the calendar that will be displayed to everyone once the login to SchoolWise you can do it from the SchoolCentral page.

Note: If you want to see how to post a message to the noticeboard, check out this article.

  1. Click on the Add Event button to create a new entry in the calendar

2. Complete the Title and Description of the event. You can optionally choose a Category and Location. You then need to select a Start Date, End Date and Time

Note: If the event is an all day event simply enter a start date and time, check the box All day event, and the end date and time will automatically be completed.

You should now see the event in your calendar and it will also be displayed to everyone once the login to SchoolWise.

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